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CREU Reports 2012


Student Researchers




Final Reports
Project Websites and Blogs
Exploring the Use of Mobile Devices to Enhance Undergraduate Education

Zakiyyah A. Conerly

Chiamaka S. Okoroha

Quincy Brown

Bowie State University

Blur Models Suitable for Representation by Hierarchical Structured Matrices in Image Reconstruction

Esmeralda Duenas

Christina L. Gardner

Mary R. Hudachek-Buswell Clayton State University    
Lower Body Modeling to Support Syntactic Processes in the Automatic Generation of American Sign Language

Allison L. Lewis

Marie Stumbo

Rosalee J. Wolfe

John C. McDonald

DePaul University    

Teaching Computational Thinking (TCT): A Comparison of Alice and Android App Inventor Programming Environments for Hispanic Students

Lauren Aguilera

Marvin J. Andujar

Luis F. Jimenez

Farah Zabe

Patricia A. Morreale Kean University    
Information Flow-like Properties in Concurrent Systems and Strategic Games

Sarah E. Holbrook

Brittany R. Nicholls

Pavel Naumov McDaniel College  
Automated Partial Credit Grading:  Demonstration Project

Chelsea M. Sanders

Kathleen M. Venhaus

Tiffany M. Werckmann

Daniel R. Tauritz

Matt Insall

Missouri University of Science and Technology  
Robust Copy-Move Forgery Detection

Kaitlyn R. Gurule

Jacqueline C. Wise

Jun Zheng New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology  

Development of an Experimentally-Validated Mesh Warping Technique for Tracking Deformation of the Inferior Vena Cava

Rachel M. Fuehrer

Alison B. Schwartz

Suzanne M. Shontz

Keefe B. Manning

The Pennsylvania State University  
Modeling and Solving Optimization Problems on Wireless Electricity Charging Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks using Mixed Integer Programming

Catherine F. Greene

Eileen Hindmon

Chloe M. Norris

Nancy White

Hwajung Lee Radford University  
Visualizing Physical Therapy with Electroluminescence Wire

Alice Chien

Miranda  W. Sheh

Katie A. Siek

Swaminathan Ananthanarayan

University of Colorado at Boulder  

Visualizations for Self-Analysis of Progress in Computer Use for People with Disabilities Jasmine L. Jones Amy K. Hurst University of Maryland, Baltimore County  
Mining Vital Signs Time Series to Improve Clinical Outcomes for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

Laura J. Anzaldi

Amanda M. Hartman

Claudia M. D'Adamo

Sedra  C. Davis

James T. Oates

Peter Hu

Tom S. Armstrong

University of Maryland Baltimore County and Wheaton College  
Characterizing and Solving Constraints in Program Analysis

Mary D. Burke

Courtney J. Ingersoll

Margaret R. Krause


Berthe Y. Choueiry

Matthew B. Dwyer

University of Nebraska, Lincoln    
Analyzing the Role of Measurement and Modeling of Internet Traffic in Network Experimentation

Rebecca J. Crabb

Wai M. Yau 

Stephanie W. Zolayvar

Jay Aikat

Kevin Jeffay

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  

Mystery Bug Theater

Jessica M. Brown

Chelynn B. Day

Morgan M. Hall

Keri L. Laughter

Renee C. Bryce Utah State University    

Perception and Action Involving Dyadic Interactions in Immersive Virtual Environments

Erin A. McManus

Robert E. Bodenheimer

Vanderbilt University