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CREU Reports 2013


Student Researchers




Final Reports
Project Websites and Blogs
Improving User Attention of Android Permissions with Visual Cues


Eunice A. Perez

Daniel Fahey


Jun Zheng

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology




A Computational Linguistics Approach to Inflection in Human Speech and Difference in Meaning


Hillary Fundin

Nicole Cunha

Victoria Steeves


Nanette Veilleux Simmons College    

An Empirical Investigation on Code Debugging and Understanding: An Eye-tracking Perspective


Rachel Turner

Alina Lazar 


Bonita Sharif

Youngstown State University    
A Mobile Food Recommendation System Using Location Context


Jorge Vergara

Madison Kramer

Chelsea Louise Doll


Thienne Johnson

Melanie Hingle

Alon Efrat
University of Arizona    
A Web-Based Outreach Project Designed for Scientists and Educators on Water & Society Relationships in Malta & Sicily: development, implementation and testing of web-publishing, data management, and user-interactivity platforms, including the development and integration of visualization of geospatial data and geometric models associated with specific water systems

Vanessa Forney

Amanda Erb

Dr. Zoë Wood

Dr. Jane Lehr 

Cal Poly  


Solid State Drive based Storage Caching for Cloud Computing Systems


Jorge Cabrera

Gregory Jean-Baptise

Adrian Suarez



Ming Zhao


Florida International University
Instant RideShare


Deonna Hodges

Elissa Redmiles

Naomi Wilcox


Samir Khuller Univ. of Maryland  

CREU Charlotte: GameChanger: Promoting Health and Wellbeing with Games

Carla Bendezu

Maybellin Burgos

Mykel Pendergrass

Jalin Brown

Jamie Payton

Tiffany Barnes *

Andrea Nickel 

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

* North Carolina State University

Toward a Real-Time Display of a Signing Avatar

Marie Stumbo


Farah Thomas


Rosalee Wolfe

John C. McDonald 

DePaul University  
Measuring the Effectiveness of Embodied Conversational Agents when Mentoring African American Computer Science Students about Graduate Studies


John Angel

Myles Nicholson

Joseph Crawford

Cardea "Joshua" Posey



Kinnis Gosha


Morehouse College  
Reconstructing Phylogeny in the Wake of Polyploidy: The Curious Case of the Allopolyploid Bamboos

Jami Atchley

Kristen Carlisle

Barbara Edwards

Jesse Jamison

Lynde Nanson

Heather Scott

Jan Case

Monica Trifas

Jimmy Triplett
Jacksonville State University  

An Empirical Study of Engaging Students Through Software Testing

Lisa Reynolds


Mallory Smit



Renee Bryce


University of North



Planning Using Concurrency in the Academic Domain

Libby Knouse Ferland


Josiah Hann




Judy Goldsmith


University of Kentucky