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CREU Reports 2014

Advisor Institution Abstract
Project Websites
and Blogs

Applying coarticulation to a generative model of American Sign Language

Melissa Bialek

Marie Stumbo

Rosalee Wolfe

John McDonald

DePaul University

Identifying compositional objects using probabilistic segmentation methods Anna Eilering
Kris Hauser Indiana University

Automatically Extracting Comments in Java

Kathy Chowaniec

Leah Dave

Emily Hill
Montclair State University

Comparing Recycling Decision Influence Using Voice User Interfaces

John Angel

Jordan Earls

Jassiem Ifill

Joshua Posey

Kinnis Gosha

Sonya Dennis

Christopher Stewart

Morehouse College

The Ohio State University

General Purpose Graphics Processor Units (GPGPUs) Bottleneck Analysis

Yi (Louisa) Lu

Kunal Malkan

Mohamed Zahran New York University
Do Many Eyes Make All Vulnerabilities Shallow? Mining Code Inspection Logs and Vulnerability Records

Christopher Ketant

Danielle Neuberger

Shannon Trudeau

Katherine Whitlock

Andrew Meneely
Rochester Institute of Technology
Individual Differences in Communication Gestures

Sarah Elmore

Hillary Fundin

Katherine Sittig-Boyd

Nanette Veilleux

Bruce Tis

Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel

Simmons College


Classifying Application-Level Power Consumption Patterns

Jolie Nazor

Rachelle Thysell

Suzanne Rivoire
Sonoma State University

Exploring MapReduce for Comparing Large Collections of Phylogenetic Trees

Lisa Jones

Rosemary Betros

Jorge Figueroa-Cecco

Suzanne J. Matthews United States Military Academy
Child-focused crowdsourcing interaction design for citizen science virtual organizations

Emily Bertelson

Sarah Feller

Tom Yeh University of Colorado Boulder
An Empirical Study of Engaging Students Through Software Testing

Argustic Dunbar

Shannon Iype

Mayaria Johnson

Jacquelyn Oquendo

Renee Bryce
University of North Texas

Big Data Analytics in Network Security

Cathryn Ploehn

Grace St. Clair

Alvaro Cardenas
University of Texas at Dallas
An Analysis of Emotion on Twitter During the BP Oil Spill Megan Torkildson
Cecilia Aragon
University of Washington

Classification Algorithms for Detecting Duplicate Bug Reports in Large Open Source Repositories

Sarah Ritchey

Alina Lazar

Bonita Sharif

Youngstown State University