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CREU Reports 2015

Project Student Researchers Advisor Institution Abstract Final Reports Project Websites and Blogs

Exploring the Use of Semantic Technologies for Big Data Integration

Kristel R. Basra

Rebecca A. Little

Ashley A Mannon

Srividya Bansal

Arizona State University

Development of a Text Inventory for Depression (TIDE) in Educational Environments

Erin Leonhard

Sara (Yihao) Zhang

Katie Siek

Cara C Lewis

Indiana University

Computational Tools for Transcriptomics

Kelly M Boyd

Emma Highland

Amanda K Misch

Catherine E Putonti

Sushma Reddy
Loyola University Chicago

DroidRP: A Reputation System for Android Apps and App Developers

Theresa Guinard

Randall R Van Why

Jun Zheng

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Many Eyes Make All Vulnerabilities Shallow? Mining Code Inspection Logs and Vulnerability Records  

Danielle R Neuberger

Rachel Catipovic

Kayla M Davis

Alvaro P Pareja-Lecaros

Andy Meneely Rochester Institute of Technology
Context dependent prosody

Jillianna S Farietta

Maria R Romero

Katherine Sittig-Boyd

Nanette Veilleux

Simmons College

Implementing Approximation Algorithms: Theory vs. Practice

Christine E Harbour

Jordan R King

Barbara M Anthony
Southwestern University

Algorithms and Tools for Synthetic Gene Design

Joie R Murphy

Jenny Rebecca Villari

Kate E Evans

Dimitris Papamichail The College of New Jersey

Designing Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for Increasing Smallholder Farmers' Access to Markets and Knowledge

Aparna Dhinakaran

Tsion N Behailu

Tapan Parikh UC Berkeley

Leveraging Networking Research on GENI Testbeds: Education Modules to Enhance Undergraduate Networking Classes

Cassidy L. Helms

Krista M. Katzenmeyer

Marie Nesfield

Jay Aikat

Kevin Jeffay
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Exploring Object Selection in 3D Graphics Environments

Christine C.S. Albert

Lindsey Press

Mirela Damian
Villanova University
Parallel Computing for Everyone Laxmi Patha

Wu Feng

Eli Tilevich
Virginia Tech

Analyzing Student-Community Coaching Interactions within Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) Projects

Fulya Koc

Claudia Smith

Heidi J. C. Ellis

Mel Chua

Western New England University

Purdue University


Illuminating Web-service Back-ends in Public Infrastructure-as-a-service Clouds

Maimuna Lubega

Aditya Akella

Aaron Gember

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mining Eye-tracking Data to Determine Developer Expertise and Task Difficulty in Software Development

Jessica L Whitely

Jenna L Wise

Alina Lazar

Bonita Sharif

Youngstown State University