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Best Practices in Recruiting and Retaining Women in Computer Science and Engineering

This highly focused workshop brings together individuals with experience in retaining women students in CSE. The goal: to summarize the most effective programs in the nation, and offer a report to university department chairs, outlining steps they can take to better ensure the success of their female students.

It’s no secret that the enrollment of women in CSE graduate programs has decreased. According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), the number of CSE degrees granted to women reached 37 percent in 1984. According to the Department of Education, that figure has dropped to approximately 27 percent. And only 18.9 percent of CSE Ph.D. candidates in 2001/2002 were women.

Following the 2000 workshop, a report was issued, "Recruitment and Retention of Women Graduate Students in Computer Science and Engineering" (PDF). Written specifically to improve academic departments, it provides useful information for retaining female employees.

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