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PhdjobhuntHers is a moderated mailing list for women who are seeking or starting Ph.D. level jobs in computer science, computer engineering, or information technology in academia, industry, or government laboratories. This is a confusing period; the goal of this mailing list is to enable women undergoing this process to talk to one another.

This list does not require that issues be specific to women; it is fine to just ask questions and share information about looking for these types of jobs. Anonymous postings can be made by sending a request to the list moderators. This list is restricted to women who intend to seek a position in computer science, computer engineering, or information technology that requires a Ph.D. (e.g., a faculty position, a postdoc, or an industrial or government laboratory research position), who are currently looking for such a position, or who have recently started such a position.

You are welcome to join the PhdjobhuntHers email community.

CRA-W thanks the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology for hosting the PhdjobhuntHers site.