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ResearcHers is a mailing list of about three hundred women computer science, computer engineering or information technology researchers from industry, industrial and government research labs and academia. The list is international, with members from six continents.

ResearcHers focuses on issues of women and research. While both students and managers may face some of these issues (students as they begin research, managers as they direct research), ResearcHers is for women computer science researchers in their role as researchers; no students or managers please.

Note: there is also the list ProfessHers which is for women in academia. There is some overlap on the topics of the two lists; the intent is that ProfessHers covers issues of a more strictly academic nature, while ResearcHers focuses more on issues arising from womens' careers as researchers. Eligible women are encouraged to join both lists.

You are welcome to join the ResearcHers email community.

CRA-W thanks the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology for hosting the site.