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Rebecca Wright
Computer Science Department
Rutgers University

ProfessHers is a moderated mailing list for women faculty members in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology to informally discuss issues related to their jobs and being successful in their careers.

Possible topics include aspects of graduate and undergraduate teaching, advising students, research, funding, interactions with colleagues, professional service, time management, promotion, and administrative work, especially for issues that are affected by being a woman or for which the perspectives of other women faculty are desired. For sensitive situations, anonymous requests for advice can be posted and anonymous responses can be made, by request to the list moderator.

Women who hold university or college faculty positions in computer science, computer engineering or information technology are welcome to join. This list is not for students, postdocs, or women in industry or government laboratories. (Please see CRA-W Mailing lists and for other lists that serve these groups.)

Note that there is some overlap between this list and the ResearcHers list. The intent is that ProfessHers covers issues of a more strictly academic nature, while ResearcHers focuses more on issues arising from womens' careers as researchers. Eligible women are encouraged to join both lists.

You are welcome to join the ProfessHers email community.

CRA-W thanks the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology for hosting the ProfessHers site.


ProfessHers Moderator