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Mid CMW-R (formerly known as CAPP-R)

Mid Career Mentoring Workshop - Research

       Holly Rushmeier

               Mid CMW-R 



The goal of the Mid CMW-R workshop is to help and advise associate professors at research colleges and universities get promoted to full professors. In addition, the workshop aims to build a cohort of senior women in academia and industry who can provide each other with an information network and mutual support.

Workshop Structure

Workshop activities are scheduled for one and one-half days.
There will be plenary sessions for all attendees of Mid CMW-E, Mid CMW-L and Mid CMW-R of common interest such as effective leadership and building collaborations. There will also be parallel sessions with focused topics. Focused topics for Mid CMW-R will include preparing for the promotion from associate to full professor and starting new research initiatives. 

Details about Mid CMW-E , Mid CMW-L, and a link to the application can be found here.