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DLS Resources

Resources for Hosting a Distinguished Lecture Series

The Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) sends faculty and industry researchers to campuses to encourage women and minorities to attend graduate school and pursue research careers. The visits include a technical talk as well as a variety of "recruiting" events: lunches with female and minority undergraduates, panel discussions about graduate school, meetings with faculty interested in recruiting/retention, and meetings with female and minority graduate students.

Please see the DLS page for information on the distinguished lecture series including application instructions and a list of past events.

Resources for event organizers:

  • Steps for organizing a successful DLS event

  • Template slides for panel moderator:

  • Expense report for reimbursement of event expenses:

  • Data Collection Form

  • Organizer(s) will be required to complete an online data collection form to provide information about their event. Please view the form at the following link prior to your event so you are familiar with the information needed.