CREU Reports 2011


Student Researchers




Final Reports
Project Websites and Blogs
Exploring and Evolving Subsumptive Control for Real and Virtual Rescue Robots Mattis, Molly, L.
Hardey, Kathryn, P
Matthew Jadud
Mark Goadrich
Allegheny College
Centenary College of Louisiana
Hardware Accelerators
Exploring the Advantages and Limitations of Hardware Acceleration
Garza, Elba, S
Ramirez-Santana, Monica, I.
Martha Kim Columbia University
Showing HEr Research Opportunities and ExperienceS (SHEROES): An All-Female Research Team of African-American Undergraduates at Howard University Banks, Kristina B
Joseph, Keesha, J
Knox, Qi'Anne, L.
Alicia Nicki Washington Howard University  
Analyzing Characteristics of Open Source Software Development Projects Based on the Participants’ Activities and Communication Networks in the Areas of Games and Engineering Mitchell Jaleesa D
Sims, James W
Hyunju Kim Jackson State University
DNA Sequence Visualization and Feature Extraction Mann, Crystal, M
Mayo, Quentin
Wiggins, Ashley
Guillermo Francia III
Monica Trifas
Jacksonville State University  
Java Gone Green: Adaptable Greenfoot Teaching Materials for Programming Fundamentals Doss, Kathlyn A.
Juarez, Valerie, M
Vincent, Daniel, Jesse
Jiangjiang (Jane) Liu
Peggy Doerschuk
Lamar University
Information flow in multi-agent systems McCaslin, Elizabeth, A
Putnam, Rebecca, H
Pavel Naumov
Sara Miner More
McDaniel College  
Multi-hop Wireless Electricity Charging Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks Catherine Greene
Khamphavong, Bretny
Norris, Chloe, M.
White, Nancy
Hwajung Lee Radford University
LectureBuddy: Improving Access to Science and Math Instruction
through Accessible Real-Time Presentation to Visually Impaired Students
Canter, Alex, J
Ellis, Lindsey, L.
Stephanie Ludi Rochester Institute of Technology    

Modeling the Power Consumption of Computer Systemswith Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

Morrow, Vincent, A.

Schmidt, Stephanie, M

Suzanne Rivoire

Sonoma State University

Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Computational Multi-agent Model Brown, Kiara, D.
Dill, Courtney, D
McGahee, Leondra, P.
Brown, Chyeeka, D
Hong Qin, Nagambal Shah
Li Yang
Spelman College
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Civil Engineering Sketch Workbook Kebodeaux, Kourtney
Martinez, Rhiannon, S.
Murphy, Laura, K
Nabors, Alyssa N
Tracy Hammond Texas A&M University    
Meeting the Challenges of Next-Generation Journalism with CAFÉ Pomeroy, Rachel, E
Sabino, Siobhan L
Smith, Sarah, E
Sarah Monisha Pulimood The College of New Jersey
The Opal App Project Kimura, Kayla, M
Lee, Jawon
Chin, Jessica
Wilfred Li UCSD


Modeling Trasncriptional Interaction Networks using Soybean Genomic Resources Chung, Rachael, M
Stonger, Amy
Jessica Schlueter
Shannon D Schlueter
Multivariate time series analysis of physiological and clinical data to predict patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) in neo-natal patients Mai, Christopher, V
George, Erica
Udofa, Imaobong, A
Marie desJardins
Patricia Ordonez
University of Maryland Baltimore Country  
Creating Smart Turbines Johnson, James A
Keith, Erin
Anya L. Getman University of Nevada, Reno    
Body Area Network for bio-telemetric applications Amaro-Rivera, Yolián
Aponte-Bermudez, Mariely
Cartagena Rivera Wilfredo O
Crespo, Damaris
Lizdabel Morales Tirado University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez  
Interactive Visualization of Communication Graphs in Wireless Networks JLiang, Jenny, Y.
McDermott, Lauren
Mirela Damian Villanova University  
Dynamic Analysis of Web Application Access Logs for Software Testing Cobb, Camille, M
Pobletts, Anna, P
Simko, Lucy M
Sara Sprenkle Washington and Lee University