CRA-W Chairs

1991 - present

The great success of CRA-W projects is due to the quality of people who serve on the committee and as project coordinators.

CRA-W Co-Chairs:

CRA-W Co-Chairs 2014-present
Nancy Amato, Texas A&M University
A. J. Brush, Microsoft Research

CRA-W Co-Chairs 2011-2014
Tracy Camp, Colorado School of Mines
Kathryn McKinley, Microsoft, UT Austin

* CRA-W Co-Chairs 2009-2011
Carla Brodley, Tufts University
Kathleen Fisher, Tufts University

* CRA-W Co-Chairs 2006-2009
Lori Clarke, University of Massachusetts
Lori Pollock, University of Delaware

* CRA-W Co-Chairs 2003-2006
Carla Ellis, Duke University
Mary Jean Harrold, Georgia Institute of Technology

* CRA-W Co-Chairs 2000-2003
Anne Condon, University of British Columbia
Mary Lou Soffa, University of Pittsburgh

* CRA-W Co-chairs 1997-2000
Jan Cuny, University of Oregon
Leah Jamieson, Purdue University

* CRA-W Co-chairs 1994-1997
Francine Berman, UC San Diego
Mary Jane Irwin, Pennsylvania State University

* CRA-W Co-chairs 1991-1994
Maria Klawe, Princeton University
Nancy Leveson, MIT

Present Chairs: