Government and Industry Researchers

CRA-W sponsors a number of activities for women researchers working in industrial and government research labs. While some of these activities are specifically focused on women in industrial and government labs, others have a broader focus but are nonetheless relevant to these researchers. Both types of activities are included here.

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Grants for travel to workshops and conferences for women in industry and government labs.

This award recognizes women working in industrial/government research labs who have had a positive and significant impact on advancing women in the computing research community.

The labs track of the Early CMW workshop (Early CMW-L) provides mentoring and information for junior professionals in government and industry research labs, as well as PhD students interested in pursuing careers in those labs.  The education track (Early CMW-E) is designed to provide advice and mentoring for junior faculty and graduate students interested in a career in academia.

These workshops provide career mentoring advice and discipline-specific overviews of a particular field. Workshops help young researchers in industry and government labs develop interest and knowledge about the discipline. Some speakers are drawn from research labs.

ResearcHers is a discussion mailing list whose purpose is to provide a space for communication and networking of women in computer science research, breaking the isolation of women computer scientists in industry, government labs, and academia.

The Mid Career Mentoring Workshops (including Mid CMW-E, Mid CMW-L, and Mid CMW-R) help mid-career women working in academe as researchers or educators, and in industry or government research labs significantly advance in their careers. Those in academe at research or teaching institutions should be striving to reach the full professor level. Those in industry should be striving to reach the top of the technical ladder as a distinguished scientist or fellow, or to enter into research management.

The Distinguished Lecture Series sends researchers working in labs to campuses to encourage women and minorities to attend graduate school and consider careers in research.

The Grad Cohort Workshop brings together women graduate students in their first three years of graduate school for a series of presentations and panels with successful senior women researchers from academic, industrial, and government laboratories about how to succeed in graduate school and in a research career.