Mentoring and Supermentoring Transcripts (pdf)Pulling together the wisdom and experiences from nearly a decade of workshops, CRA-W offers a summary publication, featuring timely and timeless information to help women advance in their careers. The publication was authored by several of the women who h
NCWIT ResourcesNCWIT Resources are free, easy to use promising practices, talking points, programs-in-a-box, workbooks and guides, outreach resources, reports, and videos with women IT entrepreneurs.
Women in Computer ScienceThis brochure, written for high school and early undergraduate students, profiles the life stories of successful women in CSE. Biographies include family and/or outside activities of the women as well as employment responsibilities and interests. View thi
Graduate Student Information Guide (pdf)This booklet is filled with questions, advice, and details to help plan an approach to graduate school. Regardless of gender, this publication is an excellent guide to anyone considering advanced study. The earlier in one's academic career that this publi
Career Mentoring Workshops Booklet (pdf)The wisdom and experiences from nearly a decade of workshops on topics such as "Getting a Job," "Building a Research Career," "Obtaining Federal Funding," "Time Management," "Networking and Professional Social Interaction," "Perspectives from the Smaller
CRA-W Brochure (pdf)This brochure describes CRA-W's wide range of programs and publications designed to bring women into the world of CSE through four areas of activity: community building, research mentoring, information sharing, and effecting organizational change.
CRA-W Poster (pdf)A pin up ready poster that briefly describes all of CRA-W's projects. Complements the CRA-W Brochure.